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The Homeland of the Huns

Brother vrs. Brother;

the original and eternal conflict between the Hun and the Han.

The Great Battle;

the stage is set for the departure of the excess population of the Huns when the ways to southern pastures are effectively blocked.

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The Crossing of the Great Desert

and the first contest with German, or Gothic Settlers along the lower reaches of the Volga.

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The Goths and Huns heads west

where they sweep the Goths from the Great Steppe, and after taking of Crimea, the gateway to points north, turn their attentions to the lands of the Germans ranging from Novgorad to the coast of the Baltic Sea.

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Hungary is taken,

but the mountains south and west prevent quick access to Roman lands. The soldiers can make the journey at peril of ambush and entrapment, but the herds and camp followers must stay behind, and so the soldiers will be without food and helpers in short time.

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The wait-and-build-reinforcements strategy,

but the Romans call in Gothic, especially Lombard mercenaries and make of them feodorati. These harry the Huns and their allies, while occupying Italy adversely to them.

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The Huns centralize their empire on the Danube

and eventually desist from their depredations and plan to conquer Rome after the death of their champion leader Attila. Their followers are tacitly granted the great plain of Hungary on which to graze their herds, forever.



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