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Prep Quiz for New York Figurative Expressionism [1]
The Prep Quiz is placed first because, at minimum, you can take this and then based upon the corrections made by the program, go right on and take the final for your permanent record.

This would be a good choice for those who simply don't have enough time to really do a lot of reading. Take the prep quiz as many times as you want; many, but not all, of the answers will be on the final below. The selections not included here are usually None of the above objects that are intended to hone your skills at detecting forgeries, as well as bona fide art that is actually good-faith "copy art" done in succeeding ages.

If you want to learn more, just go to the auxiliary resource sites and continue from there. Wikipedia articles will have external links, and we will add links to or embeds of great sites, as they become known.

To take the prep quiz, put the email prep@quiz.arthistory in the Login box, and the password prepquiz in the password box.

Pinterest [2]
Below you will find the Pinterest group associated with this page. You must join Pinterest to participate. It is an easy process, requiring only an email that works.

You may familiarize yourself with the styles, as the objects here will be used on the quizzes. This will be the system we use for hundreds of schools and periods of art, down to the present. Efficiency is the watchword here, as you will need to take hundreds of "final" quizzes and exams to obtain your final grade, and be deemed justifiably expert to some degree in the field. Quizzes not taken, or ignored, will be marked as a zero, and averaged in.

When you have completed the course, we will give you a certificate describing what you did and the final percentage of correct answers; such as, 5000 object identification questions answered with 87 percent answered correctly.

Since identification and recognition is the point of the course, these are optional resources. You may add additional resource links using the comment box. Remember to "backslash" all URLs.


Wikiart List of Representative Artists

New York Figurative Expressionism Encyclopędia Britannica Entry
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Final Quiz for New York Figurative Expressionism [3]
Done with the course materials? If you have registered, you may take this final quiz once. The result will go into your file. The final total of all your final quizzes and exams is your final grade. This may be considered by a gallery, museum, school or other persons, institutions or groups where your employment is concerned.



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