Gemini is a "skin" created for PmWiki by Hans Bracker. Maybe "face" would be a better name, since it is what you are facing here: the appearance in form of colours, fonts and borders used, the specific layout of the page and its navigational aids, and the functionality of buttons and links employed therein.

Gemini can show many different faces, and it is highly customisable and changable in its looks and functions. If Style Options are enabled you can choose from a number of styles for colours, fonts and layouts, for your own use, without affecting others.

Gemini is under constant development. You can find detailed information on the Pmwiki website at Cookbook:GeminiSkin or the author's website at

Version: gemini 2017-06-20

This page may have a more recent version on PmWiki:GeminiSkin, and a talk page: PmWiki:GeminiSkin-Talk.


Code for pop-up, Facebook embed.

Code for the Facebook embed, pop-up and drop-down window.

!!!!!%newwin%[[Quiztest.Quiztest|Here's the Code for the pop-up.|:(:table border=0 width=100% bordercolor="#003322" bordercolorlight="#f04040" bordercolordark="#993333" cellpadding=0 bgcolor=#EED style='background-image:url([=])':)
(:headnr colspan=4 align=left padding=0px border='0' font-weight=normal font-size=7px:)
!!!!Code for Facebook-embed, pop-up and drop-down window.:]]
(:toggle hide boxdsaaaaq11472 button:)
>>id=boxdsaaaaq11472 border='2px double purple' float=5px padding=22px bgcolor=#EED<<
[@(source lang=php)@]

Facebook Embed

Note: Preserve spaces after and before percentage symbols.

Browser Video URL will work.

%player% %%

Most used page names

Page names are always needed on the tip of your tongue. Here are a few that work with Academian

Download browser for Pinterest

The rest is the skin templ file





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